Be active

‘We invite mankind outdoors’

Our aim is to get all of us, no matter our age, gender, or social ability, living an active outdoors lifestyle.

Whether this be adding to or completing re designing a new play area with our fantastic range of play equipment and safety surfacing, setting up an ooutdoor gym zone for younger and senior users, or creating a new parkour area, we have the equipment and workforce to make this happen

Our friendly yet professional and expert approach means that we are at home talking to and advising the smallest parish council as well as the largest metropolitan borough.

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Promoting play

For all ages

As well as catering for traditional play areas that provide for able bodied users up to the age of 12, we have an extensive range of equipment and surfacing that promotes play for the less advantaged.

Additionally, our modern, specialist designed Parkour ranges appeal to older children and young adults, with this fast growing sport, already hugely popular on the continent and aiming to become a olympic sport. Parkour is a great way to keep all of the community active and healthy.

Check out our video below to see what Parkour is.

To ensure no one is left out from a day at the park, regardless of their age, our senior fitness range is specifically designed for elderly users. Balance, coordination and gentle strength and conditioning exercises are included to give a work out that genuinely helps top stave off the negative effects of old age.

Complete control

In addition, our use only of our own workforce means that we have complete control over the installation process. It’s great that companies design superb and creative play areas for you, but how often is a play area provider’s job made so difficult by a poor quality and unsupervised installation process?

Whether you need a full scale destination playground, a new birds nest swing to enhance your current provision, or new safety surfacing to replace old or failing installations, please do talk to us about this, we are delighted to assist with any project.

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