Cleaning your Wet Pour Surface

Wet pour surfaces can often need maintenance, especially in the way of cleaning.

There are many factors that can determine how dirty a surface can become. The amount of overhead tree cover can mean that only limited amounts of sunshine reach the wet pour, and shady areas can develop moss or algae.

In addition, poor drainage can also promote the growth of moss and algae. Not only do these make the area look dirty, they can also make surfaces very slippery, and potentially dangerous.

As well as moss and algae, surfaces can also simply become grubby, dirty and tired looking over the course of time.

There is a method for cleaning wet pour safety surfaces (it is equally effective to rubber play tiles), which can make areas look almost as good as new. The use of a flat surface cleaner attachment, used in conjunction with a good pressure washer will clean off most dirt and moss from a surface. Once the flat surface cleaner has been used, rinse the area off with the lance attachment on the pressure washer.

Sometimes wet pour surfaces can develop speckly black mould. This frequently proves very stubborn to remove (the mould is related to the one you’ll find on bathroom sealant). It is possible to remove this mould but it is time consuming. Applying a product such as MMC-Pro prior to using the pressure washer will help.

Watch the following video to see the flat surface cleaner in use.

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