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Our beautiful, Scandinavian designed play equipment is perfectly suited to leisure and tourism attractions, where a destination play plays a key role in keeping children (and therefore parents!) happy and content

From bowling alleys to caravan parks, theme parks and stately homes and zoos to motorway service areas, we will build a play area that matches your needs. This could be based on budget, number of users, or a given theme.

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Retail experience

Retail operators know the benefits of a well equipped play area, with a fun play space playing a crucial role in keeping children entertained and focused, gone are the days where a days shopping has to be a miserable experience!

Lappset’s equipment is uniquely suitable to enhancing the family experience in shopping. From enormous Wall Holla playgrounds, such as that seen at the McAthur Glen shopping centre in Swindon,to a small toddler facility mid isle when a well earned pit stop is needed , we have constructed play spacesthat enhance the leisure and retail experience for children and parents alike.

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