Low maintenance

All year round all weather surface

A year-round “green” area is a great asset. It brightens the environment and encourages activity outdoors. Our artificial grass surface can provide all the benefits of grass with none of the mess or maintenance – this is especially important for high use areas that suffer from wear or water-logging.

Our Synthetic Grass, known as SyntheTurf, looks good in urban and rural surroundings and can revitalise worn and uninviting playgrounds.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Grass Installation

SyntheTurf synthetic turf is the ideal all weather outdoor recreation safer surface. It looks incredibly realistic and is soft to the touch, ideal for children of all ages.

The artificial turf fits multiple locations, from playgrounds and recreation areas to small or large expanses of lawn. And with no mowing and emptying grass cuttings – or replacing divots and bald patches – it’s relaxing to manage too.

SyntheTurf is perfect for the awkward areas which often turn to dust or mud, especially around trees. In some cases it can be laid without the need for the building of costly foundations. It can also be laid directly onto existing tarmac to provide a soft and colourful area in an otherwise dreary expanse of grey-black surfacing.


Grass surfacing

Unlike many firms, Adventure Playgrounds Wales employs its own highly skilled and experienced in-house staff to install the product.

Rigorous quality control and a zero defects policy at every stage means that our Artificial Grass will keep on working and looking magnificent year after year.

Locations for our synthetic grass include:

School playgrounds

Nursery play areas

Areas where grass gets worn out or water-logged

Recreation areas

Any high traffic areas where grass can’t cope

Product Details

Artificial Grass Features

With its realistic appearance our Synthetic Grass Surfacing offers multiple features:

Quality installation by our own highly experienced operatives

Reduced preparation required is some locations prior to installation

Porous and free draining – no pooling or splashing

Minimal maintenance to provide long term cost savings

An excellent all year round all weather surface

No mess – no wasted time clearing mud and dirt brought inside during wet weather

Can form a playground safety surface

The perfect outdoor partner for schools, colleges, hospitals, golf clubs, leisure centres and recreation grounds. Contact us today to find out more.

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