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The Halo range blends playground equipment with modern design principles, creating beautiful pieces that appeal to parents and children alike. Tall, challenging multiplay units are the focus of the range, whilst the 2 and 3 tired high Halo Cubic Towers create a modern day tree house and playground mixed in. These towers rise to almost 7 metres high, with each level containing ropes, nets and swings, squeezing bags of play features into a small footprint. Browse below for more information

Halo Cubic 239023M
Halo 231020M
Halo 231015M
Halo With Dropzone 231010M
Halo Diamond 1 239010M
Halo Diamond 2 239020M
Play Planetarium 231005
Halo Cubic 239040M
Halo Cubic 239022M
Halo Cubic 239021M
Halo Cubic 239031M
Halo With Dropzone 230010