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Activity Towers

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Our fantastic range of activity towers are crammed full of fun play features, and cater for children of all ages from 1 years old and up. Bridges, slides of varying heights, net climbers and see through tunnels combine to make the ultimate play structures, keeping children entertained for hours at a time. From small pieces for tight areas to huge towers standing almost 8 metres tall, and everything between, there is sure to be something to fit your requirement, browse below for the full range

Ship Millicent 175521
Castle Maximus 175524
Castle Laurentius 175523
Cesium 220338
Halo Cubic 239023M
Halo 231020M
Halo 231015M
Halo With Dropzone 231010M
Halo Diamond 1 239010M
Halo Diamond 2 239020M
Skyline City 137780M
Skyline Town 137770M