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Flora is Lappset’s range inspired by nature, with the curved, undulating lines of the timber and lovely dark brown finish giving off a pleasant natural effect. Flora’s curvy timbers are similar in look to hardwoods such as robinia, but have gone through a glue laminate manufacturing process, meaning the strong cracking often associated with hardwoods is not an issue. Perfect for natural settings, or softening the often harsh urban landscapes of inner city areas, see the full range below

Ship Millicent 175521
Castle Maximus 175524
Castle Laurentius 175523
Fairy Circus 175599
Lumberjack’s Bridge 175536
Flora Bird’s Nest Swing 175576
Flora Plant Box 175589
Magic Mountain 175529
Fell Of Ara 175527
Spell Hill 175525
Flora Grasshopper 175571
Fish Trap 175593